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Eager to see your vision come to life with competitively priced, solid timber homes. Transportable homes NZ from Touchwood Solidwood Homes can realise your dream home vision.

Step into a realm where affordability converges with architectural excellence – our transportable homes stand as a testament to the ingenuity of Auckland’s premier house builders. With Touchwood Solidwood Homes, our experienced team offer complete bespoke or prefabricated house solutions, ready to find your ideal opportunity.

3 & 2 Bedroom Transportable Homes NZ

Explore the allure of our 3 & 2 bedroom transportable homes NZ, meticulously designed to elevate your living experience. At Touchwood Solidwood Homes, customisation is more than a feature; it’s the essence of our philosophy. Collaborating closely with you, we embark on a journey to craft dream homes for our clients. For solid timber construction, on-site or transportable, your vision becomes the driving force behind every facet of your unique home.

Discover the gateway to your dream home and affordable elegance with Touchwood Solidwood Homes, your trusted partner in creating New Zealand’s exceptional transportable homes. Our passion for crafting remarkable living spaces, coupled with an unwavering commitment to your aspirations, makes us the premier North Auckland builders you can rely on for a prefab house, modular house, transportable, eco house NZ.

Transportable Homes NZ

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We will be open 10am-4pm and would love if you’d visit us at 52 Small Rd. Silverdale. (The same road as Snowplanet).

We build homes, not just houses

We take immense pride in curating homes that embrace diverse styles, sizes, and building techniques. Our portfolio spans from studio sanctuaries and functional tiny homes to modest minor dwellings and expansive family abodes. With a commitment to solid timber construction, we ensure homes are a testament to enduring quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

Bespoke Homes: Your Canvas, Our Expertise

Step into a world where imagination seamlessly merges with expertise, courtesy of Touchwood Solidwood Homes. Our seasoned builders present an array of plans and customisable design options for homes, translating envisioned family homes or tiny abodes into tangible reality. Whether you opt for our standard plans or engage in collaborative design, our unwavering commitment to personalised customer service ensures an experience that consistently surpasses expectations. With your unique canvas and our seasoned expertise, we weave the fabric of dream homes tailored to your desires.

Turn-Key Simplicity: Hassle-Free Homes

Experience the simplicity of turn-key services as we seamlessly manage every aspect of your home-building process.

From concept to doorstep, we can ensure homes are move-in ready, allowing you to embark on a new chapter without the stress of coordination.

Innovative Homes: Diverse House Construction Methods

Our expertise extends beyond convention, defining innovation through our unique solid timber wall system.

This revolutionary modular panel design seamlessly blends with traditional floor and roof construction techniques, setting the stage for exceptional homes that are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Explore our house-building options that cater to your every need and preference.

We are adept at building stick-frame and classic timber frame homes. Yet, our defining feature is the patented solid timber wall system (patent #525082). This innovative modular panel technique not only ensures a robust and lasting wall surface but also harmonises seamlessly with traditional floor and roof construction practices, paving the way for a standout residence.

Seeking the flexibility of relocatable homes? Look no further than our thoughtfully designed transportable options that can be moved to your desired location.

Embrace the convenience of turn key home solutions, where every house detail is meticulously handled, ensuring a seamless transition into your new abode.

Discover the modular charm of homes that effortlessly balance elegance and versatility, a perfect fusion of modern living.

Step into eco-friendly living with our sustainable house options that prioritise environmental consciousness and comfort.

If you’re drawn to coastal homes, our beach houses capture the essence of serene seaside living, providing a peaceful retreat from the everyday.

For those who value efficiency and innovation, our prefab homes embody streamlined construction, where time, cost, and quality converge.

At Touchwood Solidwood Homes, we empower you with a diverse range of house-building choices, each reflecting our unwavering commitment to ingenuity and excellence. Your dream home is not just a vision; it's a tangible reality we're dedicated to crafting.

Transportable Homes: Your Vision, Our Reality

At Touchwood Solidwood Homes, your dream home takes centre stage. Our competitively priced construction system ensures that your aspiration for a solid timber house of any shape, style, and size becomes attainable. Whether nestled in the tranquil countryside or vibrant cityscape, built to be transportable or with bespoke key features, we bring your dream home to life anywhere in the North Island.

Touchwood Solidwood Homes Craftsmanship and Innovation

Choosing Touchwood Solidwood Homes for a full range of transportable houses means embarking on a partnership that embraces excellence, innovation, and your distinct vision. Our team of experienced craftsmen and architects transforms your dreams into reality, ensuring every detail resonates with your individuality.

Unlock Your Dream House Today

Begin your journey toward affordable elegance with Touchwood Solidwood Homes. Find our diverse range of transportable homes within the online site or contact our team for more information on our range of plans, each a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and our clients’ unique vision.

Your dream home awaits, and we're here to make it real. Connect with us now and embark on a transformative experience in house-building.

“Every Customer we have ever built a house for has become more than ‘just a client’. We fully expect your project to be the same, so you can be certain we will stay in touch to see how things are going, long after your house is built.

Stephen and Cherie Emm – Directors, Touchwood Solidwood Homes

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You dream it, Touchwood makes it real. And, keeps it realistic.

Touchwood is a competitively priced construction system for relocatable solid timber homes of any shape, style and size. We can bring your home to you anywhere in the North Island.


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