We build our homes with New Zealand in mind.

Strong and Durable, our homes are suitable for any environment, whether that is rural, coastal or urban. Our buildings are versatile, not just in structure but in function. They can be homes but can also be schools, offices, hotels and community buildings. With Touchwood Solidwood Homes, we can do as much or as little as you want us to do. 

Hassle-free or Hands-on it is your choice.

New Builds

Imagine your dream home. Is it a single storey or multiple? Is it a tiny home, minor dwelling, or a large family home? Do you see the progress on your site or will it be delivered complete?

Regardless, You Dream it, Touchwood makes it real and keeps it Realistic

Transformative Touchwood System

This unique method of building involves the use of modular timber panels. These create a strong and durable wall surface that serves as both the frame and interior walls. Touchwood-trained builders construct these walls in our yard, then stand the walls up – wherever construction is taking place, onsite or in our yard – in what seems like a matter of hours. In contrast to conventional building techniques, the Touchwood wall system effectively builds a home inside out. Once the walls are erected and the roof is on, the house interior is sealed without cladding. Then the insulation and cladding follow after.

Classic Timber-Frame

This is the method of construction most commonly used for residential building in New Zealand. First, it involves the construction of a timber frame composed of a support network of joists, studs, and rafters. Once the framing is erected and the roof is constructed with your chosen roofing material, builders then start with preparing the building and installing the cladding and joinery. With this method of construction builders then work inward to add insulation, plumbing and wiring etc. The interior lining of the home is typically finished with a plasterboard and painted creating the classic look of a conventional home. 

House on Truck

Transportable Homes

Experience the convenience of transportable homes, available in solid timber or conventional timber frame options. Built in our Silverdale yard, these homes are effortlessly transported to any North Island location via Craig Walker Building Removals. With homes up to 120sqm, depending on your design and site needs, our services cater to your requirements. Most homes move in one piece, while two-storey homes may require transportation in two sections. Building in our yard saves time, allowing concurrent house construction and on-site services. Plus, take your home with you if you decide to move. Explore our yard for ready-to-go homes for sale!

On-site Builds

Traditional on-site building offers you a range of options when it comes to constructing your dream home. With this approach, we have the flexibility to build your home to any size you desire, ensuring it perfectly accommodates your site and your needs. Additionally, on-site building allows for the incorporation of specific or unique features such as a polished concrete floor or a wet room.
From the foundation to the finishing touches, our on-site building services provide the freedom to bring your dream home to life, resulting in a space that is tailored to your unique specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Extension & Renovation


An extension is a great way to create extra space in a home without the need to start from scratch. Touchwood Solidwood Homes can do this seamlessly and efficiently.

Whether it is a bedroom or two with a deck or a studio with its own entrance, bathroom, kitchen and lounge.

Renovated Bathroom


Are you looking for a change but love your home? If you want to revitalise and refresh a space, Touchwood Solidwood Homes can do that for you. With over 150 years of combined building experience. We have the skill and experience to spotlessly integrate your renovation ideas into your home.

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Turn Key

At Touchwood Solidwood Home, we offer turn-key options prioritizing hassle-free customer experiences. With our comprehensive services, we expertly handle every aspect of your project, from design to finishing touches. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and budget, aiming to exceed your expectations at every step.

Our turn-key options eliminate headaches and hassles associated with construction or renovation. We streamline the process, taking care of all necessary tasks seamlessly. This saves you time and minimizes stress by providing a one-stop solution and managing various aspects of the project.

Many Roof Trusses
minor dwelling nz

Builders Guarantee

You can have peace of mind because as a member of New Zealand Certified Builders our building projects come with the Halo 10-year Residential Guarantee. This means you are protected if any issue arise.

Contract Types

You decide the type of contract you would like. Generally, this is a choice between a Fixed price or Charge up contracts.
Fixed price contracts mean you will receive a quote at the beginning of the project that won’t change, apart from areas that may have an allowance rather than a cost. Whereas, Charge up contracts may change from the initial estimate.

Payment Schedule

When you receive your contract, your prearranged quote will have a payment schedule.

Ordinarily, the payment schedule is set out as milestones. For example once we complete the walls or the kitchen is installed. But you are welcome to choose and discuss other options such as fortnightly or monthly payments.


You dream it, Touchwood makes it real. And, keeps it realistic.

If you’re wanting a new solid wood home anywhere in the North Island, call Touchwood® Solidwood Homes on 09 427 8379 so you can learn more about how we can help you make a better home.